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Well, I’ve come full circle! I’m pretty sure that my first blog was a review of 2016, last year. Look where we are now. If you’re anything like me, I’m sitting on top of pile of laundry thinking back over 2017 and regretting washing my clothes in the first place because now I have to inevitably fold them. So I guess I’ll get to it…

January – 

Artegon closed. Artegon, our favorite hangout, chill zone, sushi go-to, gone! It was quite emotional. We took pictures with fake trees and flowers and, of course, our favorite wall. (WE LIKED IT BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE DECIDED TO LIKE IT) Let Love Lead reached 3,000 views in less than one month. Grant ordered me pizza and I’m pretty sure I cried. We also adopted Dorette, our mannequin!


February – 

Valentine’s Day is my favorite! February was incredible. Grant got me the BEST Valentine’s Day presents and we celebrated the whole day, naturally, which ended with BOGO burritos for smooching in line! We conquered the denim dream and I built a fort. Jimmy Buffett liked my Instagram post and I was featured on Margaritaville’s Instagram. It was a pretty fantastic month!


March – 

Spring break 2017! We went to Panama City with the family. We were featured on Margaritaville’s Instagram, again! We enjoyed many Spring Training Games. We made a taco cake for Jerrad’s birthday and I judged my first dance competition!


April – 

Grant was a guest blogger on Let Love Lead and discussed how he made his way out of the Friendzone! We went on a cruise with some great friends and made some great new ones. Oh, and our formal night attire was the best on the ship, naturally.


May –

We visited Greg, Ryan made me feel like a model, I won the Great Reese’s Debate of 2017, we went to the the Jimmy Buffett concert, and I found out I was learning Festival of the Lion King! Oh… and we announced that we were planning on moving to Michigan!


June – 

I learned Lion King, turned 23, took a family vacation to North Carolina, and beat 2048.. and I also got my current job as a Marketing Coordinator! OH! And I had pink eye that kept me out of work for like a week (thank you to Jerrad and Payton for bringing me to urgent care!)..


July – 

We tailgated a NASCAR race with the Akers, packed all of our stuff into our tiny cars, and moved to Michigan. So here we are!


August – 

I feel like I’ve decreased my photo taking obsession by 50%. I have nearly no photos, but we went fishing, drank Jones Soda, and I got to go to a luau for work!


September – 

Grant became a Michigan resident! We watched Jess dance with the Laker Dance Team at Grand Valley football games. Dude found out that Fall is his favorite season. I dyed my hair dark.


October – 

It snowed, I went to Hippie Fest with my grandma and Jess, and Grantley got haircuts! I attended a wig party for work, so my job is kinda cool. Grant and I were invited to another event benefitting Cystic Fibrosis research!


November – 

I learned how to kind of do my hair and we went to the Penn State game!… they lost.


December –

Christmas was amazing. Family is fun. Festivities are a blast, per usual. And I got my Junior Boys’ Star Wars Pajama Set


What I’ve learned from this is that I’m really bad at taking and saving photos now. So I’ll get better about that in 2018, hopefully. I also need to get back to sharing my thoughts with you all. I think they’re worth sharing, and most of the time they’re funny. So I’ll do more of that, too! Overall, my life is a lot more private than it used to be. There are things that I didn’t put in this blog, not for any particular reason, but because my life is much more simple and easy-going now. It seems like not everything is an urgent matter, and that’s a good thing. I’m going to MAYBE put away my laundry and get ready to host a New Year’s gathering… happy holidays to everyone!


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