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The Real Reason I Didn’t Text You Back

Anyone who knows me or who has my phone number can witness that I’m the biggest culprit of not responding to text messages. It’s one of the world’s biggest pet peeves, but it’s not intentional. The real reason I didn’t text you back is because …

I probably forgot. I don’t have my cell phone on me every second of the day. When I pick it up, I don’t intend to have an entire conversation. I usually hold conversations via phone calls, so I probably just forgot to even check my texts. 

I got distracted. My cat fell asleep and it was super cute. I most likely got a notification about something else while writing back. Perhaps I had to pee urgently or hunger took over. 

I didn’t get the message. Sometimes service is bad and things don’t get delivered. It happens. It’s not the end of the world.

I hate small talk. Conversations are how humans interact. I can’t be bothered with a meaningless conversation if I’m trying to talk to someone about something important.

I was driving. Don’t text and drive. It’s stupid. 

I was working. I have a job and a life and need money. I can’t drop what I’m doing at work whenever my phone dings.

My phone was nowhere near me. Sometimes I leave my phone at home or it gets lost under the couch or in the pantry. It happens….

I was eating. Eating is a huge priority. Sometimes chips get cheese dust all over my hands and I can’t use the screen without getting it dirty.

I was napping. If my phone woke me up mid slumber, I’m probably mad at you anyways so trust me, you don’t want me to respond.

I just didn’t feel like responding. If it’s not any emergency, it can probably wait until I decide to take the time to check my phone. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy talking to people. I think text messages are a great communication tool. In fact, I text all the time. I actually also get annoyed when I don’t get responses. But humans depend on technology so much… we spend our lives looking down at screens and immersed in conversations. We’re constantly stimulated by technology and ignore the life that’s happening around us.

Failing to respond to text messages isn’t vindictive. It’s because I’m busy trying to enjoy life, or I just forgot. But if you forget to text me back, I’ll probably think you died and then get annoyed when I find out you just forgot. 


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