Grantley Goes

Grantley Goes – To Michigan!

Hello internet readers. I’ve decided to clear up the rumors and put everyone’s questions to rest. It’s true, Grantley is moving. Before anyone freaks out, we are not quitting our jobs. We’re seasonal and will be working at Disney still, pretty often actually!

When? Late July. We’re pretty busy with trips and work and birthdays and everything else, so we’re waiting until July. Until then, you’ll see us around. And like I said before, we’ll be back! It’s not a huge deal. We’ve already set dates for the upcoming holidays to come visit, work, and play!

Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. We have opportunities and adventures ahead of us that we would be silly not to pursue. As a couple, we choose to support each other and listen to each other. We compromise and we work together to do what’s best. Are we freaking out and beyond stressed? ABSOLUTELY! However, that’s not a reason to stop us from succeeding and following our hearts.

We’re beyond grateful for the love and support of our friends and families, both at work and home. We’re so excited to be staying with Disney and having the opportunity to continue performing! We’re humbled to have such a beautiful life together with each other and with everyone who loves us.

We’re young. We’re excited. We’re busy. We’re adventurous.

I hope this has answered any doubts that you, or people you know, may have had. We’re not quitting our jobs, I’m not pregnant, we didn’t break up, nothing terrible happened at work or at home,  and one of us didn’t force the other into the decision. We’re just living life and seizing incredible opportunities as they present themselves!

I also ask that everyone be respectful of the “reasoning.” There’s no big story, and no big news. We still enjoy our jobs, and we will be back often. There will be more details along the way, but Michigan (Canada Jr., as Grant calls it) better get ready for us!

So that’s it! We’re super excited and can’t wait for these next couple of months. We can’t wait to get up north and to start exploring our life there. We can’t wait to come to Florida and see everyone and to perform and to visit. We can’t wait for the rest of our lives. Life is so cool and exciting and incredible with all that it has to offer. We’re choosing to live and to enjoy every part of it.




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