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I often get asked how I make my freckles so visible through my make up. The answer: I don’t wear foundation. I used to think it looked stupid to wear full eye makeup without foundation, and I used to think I needed to wear foundation everywhere. However, after realizing how much it was ruining my skin, those ideas changed.

I used to have terrible acne. It wasn’t the typical puberty and high school acne. It took over my life. I tried changing my diet, changing my face washes, and everything else that doctors told me. A huge part of the problem was that my skin never got a break. Insecurities kept me from feeling comfortable. Every time I left the house, I had a full face coverage of foundation. I felt the need to constantly hide my skin. While some of the things that I tried may have worked, they didn’t stand a chance because of the pounds of makeup I had to wear.

After getting the acne under control, I have found a new appreciation for my skin. My self-esteem has increased, as well. I NEVER wear foundation. I hardly ever even wear makeup, but refuse to wear full coverage. Whether it’s fear of break outs or a new knowledge of proper skin care, it’s just not worth it. But, I have yet to interact with someone who can even tell. Taking care of my skin helps me to prevent red and dark spots, break outs, and pore build ups. Keeping the makeup off my face stops it from sweating, and making it’s way, into my pores.

There’s just so much pressure from society now to look “flawless.” The millions of brands and bloggers and stylists are amazing, and I can appreciate looking good! However, I often find myself being able to recreate looks without the full coverage. I also find myself not caring, and looking like a hippie.

But, if you’re wondering why I don’t wear foundation…. that’s why. I refuse to ruin my skin. I refuse to cover my healthy skin. And I’m protective of it. I want to keep my face looking healthy and young and clear.

Oh, and I’d rather sleep for an extra 30 minutes than contour and blend and highlight. Especially because I don’t actually have any makeup applying talent. Also, be confident and be beautiful. Insecurities think they’re powerful, but they’re only as powerful as we allow them to be!

*All photos are filter free and foundation free*


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