Life Style

Ugly Hearts

Do you want to know what I’m over? I’m so completely over people being malicious and vindictive and mean. It’s so stupid. Human’s aren’t naturally rude, so it’s just extra work when someone decides to interfere with another person’s happiness. What happened to everyone loving everyone? What happened to respect? It’s just so disheartening that there are people who purposefully intend to upset others.

Whatever the reason, it’s not right. I don’t care if it’s jealousy, insecurity, or that you just don’t like me, but it’s ugly. These people are ugly. I don’t even feel bad for them. Sometimes I sympathize with people who can’t find their own self-worth, but if you purposely try to ruin somebody else’s life, you have an ugly heart.

Spreading rumors, bullying, violence, sabotaging opportunities, and ruining someone’s happiness are all things that I can’t even fathom taking part in. The truth, however, is that there are people who enjoy these activities and who only care about themselves. They may not even have a good reason, but it happens. It’s so silly.

I try so hard to stay above the negativity, but sometimes it’s hard to know that people have so much hate in their hearts. Even though it’s difficult, the only way to beat them is to rise above. Rise above the bullies and the life ruiners and the ugly hearted. Stick it to them with kindness and grace and maybe a passive aggressive blog. Hold your head high and know that it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault that people can be cruel. It’s not your fault forย being successful.

Forget them. Leave them all behind as you show people the path of your success. Let them talk behind your back because that’s where they’ll always be, behind you. Keep up the positive outlook and kind heart and keep your focus to the stars. Leaders are lovers.


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