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The Downside To Success

Success. It’s what everyone wants. We all want to be successful. We want our dream jobs, great relationships, and much more. Success is more than just obtaining what you want. It’s having a good life and it’s being happy. I have both. There is always room to continue growing, but I have a job that other’s dream about, I have the relationship that other’s envy, and I’m happy.

Today’s generation calls them “Haters.” Haters are people who can never appreciate other people’s success. They’re people who see the negative side of everything that’s positive. They want to bring you down for every goal that you’ve achieved. Whether their motives are fueled by jealousy, bad history, or just a mean heart, they feel the need to rain negativity on other people’s happiness.

That’s the downside to success. It comes with haters. It comes with people who will never be happy for you and who feel the need to take their jealousy and unhappiness out on you. You can be the greatest person in the world, but there will always be people who tell you otherwise. There will always be negative people trying to bring you down in order to boost their own opinions of their lives.

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is obsession. These haters that try to ruin the lives of happy people truly have an obsession with living vicariously through success. They thrive off of seeing people be as miserable as them and vigorously attempt to bring others down to their level. Successful people work hard. They don’t work hard to ruin other people’s happiness, they work hard for themselves. They earn the life that they’ve always wanted. They’re knowledgeable about how to boost themselves up to a level of happiness that they desire. Successful people obsess in positivity. It’s determination that pushes them to reach life goals and to be everything that they’ve dreamed of.

It’s not easy to ignore your haters. However, instead of letting them get under my skin, I choose to focus my attention on remembering that they only pick on me because of their own unhappiness. I used to get upset. It used to hurt my feelings when I was personally attacked for my success. Now I just laugh and then I feel sorry. I feel sorry for people who aren’t happy with themselves. I feel sorry that instead of working on building their own success, they’re wasting time trying to get to me. I’d love for everyone to be happy and successful, but it’s something that people need to reach on their own. But please, continue to waste your life away while trying to bring other’s down. It’s not going to have the outcome that you want. Actually, it’s going to motivate them.

Don’t let unhappy people hinder your success. You’re successful for a reason and you deserve to be happy for your hard work. Success and the dream life should really be found for personal happiness, but we all know it’s little fun to show it off, too. So, keep viewing but not sharing my blogs, keep stalking but not liking my Instagram posts, and please keep talking about me behind my back because it truly motivates me. Honestly, it lets me know that I’ve successfully made an impression in the life of someone else.. and that’s pretty cool!


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