Love Me

Love is a funny thing. It makes people do and say and think all sorts of funny things. It makes everything seem so simple, and that’s the trap. Love isn’t supposed to be easy. It’s wonderful, but it’s work. People search and search and search for love, and when it’s found it takes over like a wildfire. It’s important to remember yourself and to not get lost.

New love is the most dangerous. It’s so infectious and overwhelming that it’s hard to see it take over. The worst thing that can happen when in love is losing yourself. It’s difficult to see it happening, but people often lose their own identity in relationships. It’s so easy to fall into the happiness with another person that you don’t maintain your own personality. Don’t get me wrong, compromise and learning to like similar things is necessary. However, changing your entire persona to fit the life of someone else’s is detrimental. It may seem okay for a while, but losing yourself and becoming the other person will only end in heartbreak.

We’re attracted to other people because we’re incomplete. The perfect person will accept your flaws, interests and personality. They’ll embrace them. They’ll love you for your differences of opinion and different hobbies. While it may feel right to jump into the other person’s lifestyle, it’s important to keep some things separate. Keeping your normal habits and friendships and interests is crucial because that’s what makes you, you. Grant wouldn’t love me if I were a clone of him. I wouldn’t love him if he were a clone of me. Who wants to date themselves? I think it would be horrible to be with someone who didn’t have their own personality and just followed me. Exploring what makes each other unique is when you learn to love one another. It’s our differences that make us work and that’s what we love about each other.

Love isn’t becoming the same person. It’s appreciating your significant other for what makes them special and for what they bring to your life. Don’t change yourself for love and don’t let love change you. If it’s meant to be, no change is necessary. Someone out there loves you for you. Embrace who you are and never change that for another person or for the idea of love.



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