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MYOB, Please.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people stick their noses into my business. If you’re not part of my life, stay out of it. If I wanted you in it, I’d let you know. Unless you’re my friend or in my conversation or matter at all to the well being of my life, please go snoop around in someone else’s business.

I’m a very secluded person. I don’t let a lot of people into my life. I talk to many people, but I don’t share important things with everyone. It’s strategic. I don’t need everyone in the world knowing everything about me. The last thing I want is my personal information getting out and having the wrong people thrive off of it.

My business, is my business. This includes my phone. Do not look over my shoulder at my phone. Do not walk behind me and try to see what’s pulled up and who I’m texting. I could be having the most important conversation of my life and people just feel entitled to invite themselves to peek at my screen. Not okay. People have all kinds of information on their phones. I keep important conversations and plans and a lot of other things on my iPhone and the last I checked, I didn’t invite your beady little, drama crazed, eyes to come over and snoop around my business. Also, much to your disappointment, I’m probably talking to my boyfriend or best friend about cats or food. It’s nothing exciting.

Another thing that really irks me is eavesdropping. I get that sometimes I’m loud and things are overheard, but going out to the way to listen in on a conversation is pretty petty. People are so invested in drama that isn’t their own. It’s pretty sad that some people have to listen in on other people’s conversations rather than creating their own with their own friends. Maybe if they’d spend more time invested in their own life, they would have more friends to have conversations with.

ALSO, keep me and my life and my friends out of your mouth. Do not go around talking about me like you know anything about me. If we aren’t friends, if we don’t talk, why are you talking about me? There are endless amounts of topics that can fill conversations that don’t involve me. I’m not that interesting. Try talking about something that happened in your life! Maybe there would be more things happening with you if your time wasn’t so consumed with me and my phone activity and my conversations.

I realize that this has been somewhat of a rant, but my business is mine. Nobody else needs to be concerned with it, unless I’ve included them. I barely have enough time for my own life, so I can’t imagine trying to be invested in someone else’s. Especially someone that I don’t know. It’s petty and annoying and so unnecessary. Please, mind your own business. My life doesn’t concern you, unless you’re my family, Grant, and my four friends.


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