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This Blog Is About Cheating And The Concept That I Don’t Understand

Let me start this out by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my relationship and that this blog does not reflect on myself or Grant. I don’t want people getting the wrong idea. However, this does affect a lot of people and I had somewhat of a request to write this tonight.

One of my friends was recently cheated on. He was unaware until some text messages surfaced, and here we are talking about it. I just don’t get it. How can you be in a relationship with someone you don’t care about? I mean that’s the reason people cheat on each other, right? If you don’t care about them enough to be loyal to them, why be with them at all?

Or maybe you’re just too cowardly to tell them that your feelings have changed and that you want to pursue different people. Is that a thing? The concept of cheating just doesn’t make any sense to me. Obviously cheaters don’t care about their significant others, so just break up. Why do they have to string the other person along and end up hurting them worse? Feelings change. It’s a natural and understanding excuse to break up a relationship, but staying with someone you don’t care about and seeing other people behind their back is just stupid. It’s a waste of energy.

It’s very east. If you’re in a committed relationship, don’t kiss other people. Don’t flirt with other people. Work it out with your partner or break it off. Being in a relationship means you’re off limits. It means that you’re living life with someone you care about and putting all of your effort into being with each other. Don’t ruin that and go play around with someone else. Just don’t. It’s so easy. If you’re not happy, leave. If you are happy, don’t mess it up. It’s really not hard. And furthermore, why would you waste a perfectly good relationship on someone who doesn’t respect you enough to know you’re committed to someone else? I’m just confused.

Like I said before, I just don’t understand. Staying with your significant other when you don’t actually care about them is just mind blowing. Or, still caring about your significant other and then dating other people at the same time doesn’t make any sense either. It’s not that hard to be a respectful partner in a relationship. Aren’t relationships built around trust? Being honest with each other is most important. If I were to be broken up with, I’d be hurt because I have feelings that aren’t reciprocated. But if I were to be cheated on, I’d be angry. I wouldn’t be angry that he didn’t care about me anymore. I’d be angry that he wasted my time lying to me about how he felt and that he wasn’t man enough to tell me the truth. I’d also be angry at him for being an idiot, and at the new girl for being disrespectful… but I’ve already written many blogs about that topic.

Hearts aren’t toys. They aren’t inflatables. They don’t burst back up after being knocked down. It’s bad enough finding out that your feelings for someone aren’t reciprocated. It’s even worse to find out that your partner doesn’t respect you enough to let you go and then sees other people while lying to you. I just will never understand how people can be so cruel. There is absolutely no reason to ever cheat on your partner. If you don’t love them, break up with them. That’s harsh, but it’s a lot better than making a fool of yourself, and them.

Speaking of making a fool of yourself, as soon as someone cheats, everyone knows. Cheaters always get caught. It doesn’t make you look cool. Friendships are lost, respect is lost, and trust is lost. Cheating on someone isn’t the way to boost your ego. It’s a live and learn type of situation, I suppose, but just be good humans. Cheaters don’t make friends, in board games and relationships. Treat others how you would want to be treated, especially significant others.  I still just don’t really see any justification or explanation of why cheating on someone would ever even make sense, so if anyone could give me a good reason… let me know?




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