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Holler & Dash, You Gotta Try It!

I was running errands with Grant this morning. After we finished, we thought Panera would be a good idea for some breakfast. Upon arriving in the parking lot, we saw Holler & Dash, a southern style biscuit house, across the street. Naturally, we had to go.

When we walked in, we were taken by surprise with a southern style hipster environment. We instantly loved this place. The menu is strictly southern with specialties and favorites that are all natural and organic and, of course, served on biscuits! Another plus, there’s a gluten free menu. Along with the great food, they have Stumptown Cold Brew…. ON TAP! There’s a coffee tap! It’s incredible.

The staff was amazing, the prices were beyond affordable, and the food (and coffee) was phenomenal. Located in Celebration, Florida, this biscuit house is a treasure that I’m so happy we stumbled upon. And you can bring your dog! You have to go. Right now. But if you go without me, I’ll be very upset.

This is the website!

Check out their Instagram!




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