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Friendship 101

I can’t say that I have many close friends, but I do have a lot of acquaintances. It’s strategic. I have high expectations for my friends. If I choose my friends carefully, I won’t be disappointed. 

Friendship needs to be a commitment. I’m not about only being friends when it’s convenient. A true friend will drop everything, no matter the circumstance, when a friend calls in need. A friend won’t choose to ignore you and talk to cooler people instead. Maybe other people are fine with being treated that way by friends, but I am not. 

I’m not a person who will put more effort into a friendship than the other person. I’m not going to go out of my way to seek friendship if it’s not reciprocated. My friends get 100% of my attention and feelings. If someone can’t handle giving that back, then they’re not worth having as a friend. 

I just hate being disappointed, especially when I think someone really cares about me as a friend and then proves me wrong. Getting dropped and ignored when better things come along isn’t a quality of a good friend. So, maybe I just have unrealistic expectations. But I think that friendship is special and holds a certain level of respect.

Just always remember who was there for you in your life when crisis came. It’s important to remember who has stuck through everything with you. Treat them well. They’re the people worthy of your friendship. People can only be taken for granted so many times. Eventually they’re going to find friends who can be good friends back, and not just when it’s convenient. Friendship is so important! Make sure you love your friends, before they find someone else to love them back.


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