Life Style

Cheese Pizza, Light Cheese

I’m a picky eater. I’m the person who orders spaghetti without the sauce. I know all of the struggles of being a picky eater, and I’m done with people making fun of me for it.

There is no greater struggle than going to a restaurant and having to special order every item on the menu. Servers always look at me like you’re crazy and have three eyes when I ask for my food without a pickle spear garnish. They get even more annoyed when I send my food because because they forgot about the pickle request and simply took it off the plate. I know it was on there! I can taste the juice and it ruined the entire plate. 

I also won’t apologize for ordering just a drink at a restaurant if I don’t like anything on the menu. I’d rather be content with a soda than spend money on food that I dislike and miserably forcing it down my throat.

I’m always the person who gets made fun of for ordering off the kids menu. I can’t help it that I don’t like a lot of things. There’s literally nothing that I can do about it. So yes, I’m going to order chicken fingers instead of caviar. It’s just better for everyone that I sit there and enjoy my french fries instead of gagging on food that I don’t enjoy.

I’m an adult. I know that I don’t eat like a normal adult human, but I know what I like and don’t like. I’m smart enough to not spend money on food that I’m not going to eat. And I can honestly tell you that if you keep nagging me to try food, I’m going to end up spitting it out or vomiting.

So let me be happy with my kid’s meal and love me for having such a youthful and delicate palate. 

This has been a PSA for all of the picky eaters in the world. Thank you.


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