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I Live For Bro Tanks

One of my favorite things is wearing Grant’s clothing. Of course I enjoy it because I’m super basic and he’s my boyfriend, but I also just love mens’ clothing in general!

I often find myself shopping through the male section for clothes. It’s not that I don’t like the clothes that fashion designers think that I, as a women, should wear. I just like boys’ clothes more. They’re comfy and big and oversized so I can wear leggings with all of it. Why wouldn’t I like it?

Grant usually gets upset when I wear clothes out of his closet, but there are a few reasons why I do it:

1. Because I want to.

2. It’s more comfy than my clothing.

3. It’s easier to pick out a man’s outfit than a female’s.

4. It smells like him.

5. It’s all his size, which makes perfect big shirts for me to throw over a sports bra! It’s so easy!

He hates when I wear his clothes, but I’m really doing him a favor. I’m making sure none of his clothing feels left out! I usually only wear the things that he neglects. Also, people are used to me wearing his shirts. I’d get a lot more attention from men if I actually wore a real outfit and did my hair instead of wearing his sweatshirt and a messy bun. It’s a compliment, really, that I wear his clothes. 

Throwing on a boy’s shirt and some shorts or leggings is so much easier than wearing any of my own outfits. Picking out a top, bottom, dress, skirt, bra, sock, shoes for any of my outfits takes triple the amount of time. Not to mention, when I wear boy clothes I’m more comfortable with no makeup and messy hair. When I wear my clothes, it’s like an occasion and I feel the need to make myself look presentable. That’s a lot of work.

That’s why boy clothes are better and why I don’t feel bad about wearing them. 


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