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To The Girls Who Hit On My Boyfriend

Dear *insert name here,*

I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that you think so little of yourself that you feel the need to seek attention from a taken man. I’m sorry that you’re so bored with your life that you feel the need to meddle with mine. I’m sorry that you don’t respect yourself enough to know that there is someone out there for you. However, that person isn’t my boyfriend. 

I’m not a jealous person. I don’t have any need to be a jealous girlfriend. Grant and I are strong and continue to laugh at the efforts of others who throw themselves at our relationship. But I will not be walked over, I will stand up for myself. 

*Insert name here,* don’t be surprised when I decide to strike up a conversation with you regarding the fact that you’ve been disrespectful toward me and my relationship. It’s just not cool. Girls don’t hit on other girls’ boyfriends. It’s like a code. When you do it, you don’t look cute. Trying to meddle in someone else’s relationship just makes you seem crazy and pathetic. How do you expect anyone to respect you? 

Word travels quickly. Talking about your plans to flirt, steal, and sleep with my boyfriend is gross. Don’t talk about it. Go ahead and have your own opinion about your hypothetical future with him, but please don’t talk about it with other people. It gets back to me and then I feel bad for you. I feel so sorry for you because you’re so busy fantasizing about my relationship that you’re missing out on finding a real one. 

Wouldn’t a relationship with someone who actually cares about you be better than embarrassingly fighting for someone who’s in love with a different girl? I apologize, but he also thinks you’re crazy. There’s no way he would forfeit his relationship for someone who’s a crazy home wrecker. When girls hit on guys who have girlfriends, it makes them uncomfortable and then they go home to their girlfriends and laugh about it. So just don’t be crazy! Go out and find someone who loves you for being yourself.

Girls have to have each other’s backs! We need to look out for each other. Sneaking around with hidden agendas just isn’t cool! Disrespecting other girls is just mean. Don’t be a mean person and don’t be a crazy person! Find what makes you unique and what makes you special. Someone will come along who loves you for the right reasons, unless you’re too busy fighting for a taken man! But until then, do yourself a favor and stop flirting with my boyfriend.

This has been a public service announcement. Enjoy these photos of my life.


One thought on “To The Girls Who Hit On My Boyfriend

  1. I love this and really could have used it a few months ago…you captured these feelings and frustrations spot on! Sorry you had to go through this as well, but the best relationships come out of it even stronger than before.


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