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02/25/17-Baseball, Beer, Boyfriend, and Jerrad.

I often find myself going days between posting blogs. I just can’t write about things if I’m not feeling passionate about it in that moment. So, I’ve decided to let you know what I did yesterday. We went to our first Spring Training game of the 2017 season. GO TIGERS!


I love baseball. I love hotdogs. I love beer. I love baseball jerseys. I love sunshine. It was the perfect day. We arrived at the stadium around 12:30 pm and had to retrieve our tickets from will call. We got in and realized that Grant had forgotten his sunglasses, so of course he bought official Detroit Tigers Spring Training bright orange glasses. We found a perfect spot for our stuff on the grass seating and laid out our blankets. After we were finally all set up and ready for the game, it was time to get serious:


What’s a baseball game without a hotdog and a beer? Well it’s still a baseball game, but it’s not as fun. The game was awesome. The Tigers did great. We sat next to a big group of friends who were probably around our age and wondered what it was like to have to maintain that many friendships. Not to mention how hard it must’ve been to organize the outing, but that’s not my problem. Jerrad got his first Detroit Tigers hat and Grant and I got our new annual spring training hats. I’m pretty proud of my super cool new visor.

Long story short, go to a game. It’s like $13 to sit in the grass and have the best day ever. It’s totally worth it and a whole lot of fun!


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