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Go Fund Yourself

Financial support and online fundraising accounts are amazing. I love what they do for people. Allowing others to donate to a good cause is so inspirational. However, one of my biggest pet peeves is when accounts are made for things that don’t need financial support from other people.

I’ve seen fundraising accounts for such great causes. Medical bills, mission trips, etc., are fantastic reasons for creating financial support accounts. Life happens, and it’s incredible that we get to help out friends and family and often strangers. These are phenomenal reasons to ask for financial support. I’m all for supporting mission trips and critical medical bills. I think it’s so cool that we have these websites and resources to be able to share stories and support for humans. Humans helping humans is what makes the world keep turning.

On the other hand, I’ve been seeing more and more financial support accounts for very unreasonable things. I just can’t get behind financially supporting your vacation. I’m sorry, but I work very hard to be able to buy myself the things I desire and to take the trips that I want. What’s the point in having a job and working toward what you want in life? If you’re going to open a financial fundraising account for frivolous things, maybe just quit your job and spend more time marketing your page. And what ever happened to good old fashioned fundraising? If you really want the extra money but don’t feel like working for it, go ask relatives or collect recyclable soda cans.

There’s something rewarding about working for your benefits. I love being able to take a vacation or buy something I want and think, “I’ve worked for this. This is mine. I can enjoy it.” I take pride in the fact that I’m responsible for my own happiness. It’s just so empowering. Asking for financial support via online services is something that I can’t fathom doing. Those services are for people who desperately need support and have a story that deserves to be heard. I could never take advantage of something that genuinely helps deserving humans.

Instead of publicly asking for money for something unreasonable online, share an account for something that’s beneficial! If the efforts that were made to create the silly account went toward sharing someone’s mission trip fundraiser or medical bill fundraiser, you’ve helped out those people! The more people share these stories, the more support they have to go on that trip to help out a country or village in need and to pay off a medical bill or get the help they need! How cool is that? It’s all about priorities. The internet is such a great resource for fundraising, if it’s for the right reasons. Mic drop?

Title Credit: Tyson.


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