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Love Doesn’t Want You To Find It, So Stop Looking.

Love is such a touchy topic. It’s different for everyone. The feeling is something that can’t even be explained. It’s something that everyone desires. I love being in love. But if you really want to know how I found it, I didn’t. It found me.

I wasn’t searching for love. I wasn’t interested in a relationship. I was having a grand time until Grant came along and changed that. If you ask him, he wasn’t looking for love either. It just happened. And that’s what’s so magical about love. It finds you.

Wanting love and wanting a relationship is completely justified. It’s wonderful and feeling like you need a companion is totally normal. However, searching for love is when things go wrong. Putting all of your efforts into finding a person to love could be detrimental.

Solely focusing on finding love doesn’t read as passionate. It may seem great at first, but eventually looks desperate. If you’re actively and desperately looking for love, you may lose yourself in return. Being so caught up in starting a relationship could lead to settling and then later realizing that you’re unhappy. Jumping into every relationship that presents itself to you can end up changing you. The right person who’s worth waiting for would love you for being yourself.

The best way to invite love into your life is to love yourself. Be happy with yourself and your life. Find out what you like and find out what you need. Working on yourself as a person will ultimately lead you right into your happily ever after. Accepting yourself and enjoying life is exactly what love is drawn to. The more you understand yourself and love your self, the more you can realize that a relationship won’t define you and that it’ll happen when it’s meant to be.

Love craves happiness. They go hand in hand. Being happy and content with yourself is when you find the person you are and the person you need to be with. That’s never going to happen if you put yourself on hold and go out searching for love. If all of your attention is put toward every potential inkling of love, how are you supposed to ever find yourself and the right person for you?

I’m not Cupid, but I do know that I have a relationship that could be defined as “goals.” I can also speak from personal experience, that looking for love won’t find you anything but short term happiness and then nothing more. Finding yourself and becoming happy with life is what opens you up to accepting love. And maybe that’s my point: love isn’t found, it’s accepted.

The end. It’s National Margarita Day.

I also typed this all on my phone so there may be typos and you may hate my opinion, oh well!

Oh, and thanks for letting us be your models, Amanda Wheet! (Photo Credit).


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