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Say What You Need To Say – John Mayer

I’m a very blunt person. I’m super forward and if you want to know what’s on my mind, I’ll tell you. In a relationship, there’s a lot of hinting around things that you think and things that you want. I’ve been there. It doesn’t work. In a normal day, hinting around topics and situations doesn’t get you anywhere. The fact of the matter is that we need to just say what we feel. Being open and honest with yourself is one of the most empowering things you can do.

Every relationship is different and every person is different. However, I’m going to make a general statement and I apologize if it offends you. Boys just don’t get it. They’re cute and I appreciate them (especially Grant), but subtle hints just go right over their pretty little heads. Since we’ve realized that hinting around what we want for dinner, what plans we want for a celebration, what movie we want to watch, etc., Grant and I have seen a dramatic change in our relationship. Hints often go unnoticed! They’re not ignored, they just aren’t picked up every time. We openly admit when we don’t agree with the other’s plans and we are honest about our opinion on every subject. Being able to freely speak your mind about your feelings and opinions and desires to your significant other is something that will take your relationship to the next level. Boys aren’t mind readers. They don’t know that you want to go see a movie or out to dinner or on a date unless you tell them. Learning that it’s alright to share your thoughts is something that takes time, but allows a relationship to become more comfortable and to grow stronger.

It’s no secret that I don’t have many friends. The people in my life are amazing, but there aren’t many of them. A huge reason for this, is because I’m very open and opinionated. I’d rather be true to myself, than quiet myself in hopes that people like me. We were born with curious minds for a reason. Opinions are meant to be shared. Thoughts, ideas, hunches, they’re all meant to be shared and explored. Keeping quiet about topics and things that you’re passionate about isn’t something to be content with. We have voices. Our voices are meant to be shared. That’s the beauty about life. You wander through life with passion until you find someone you can share that passion with. You teach children and strangers about your passions and they build off of that and create a larger passion. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but being able to share what’s on my mind and how I feel about topics and my own ideas is incredible. Quieting that voice is a detrimental mistake.

People are hesitant. It’s natural to be afraid of what other people think about you and to be afraid of how they’ll receive your opinions. This fear shouldn’t define our voices. If the people in your life can’t respect that you have opinions and passions and your own voice, then they don’t respect you as a person. Being open and honest with yourself and others allows you to find yourself and who you’re meant to be. Sharing your feelings is so empowering. Putting everything aside and being true to yourself will invite real relationships into your life. People who appreciate your voice and your opinions and your passions will thrive with you, while encouraging you to stay true to yourself. And if someone doesn’t like what you have to offer, they can find the nearest exit out of your life because nobody has time for the negativity.



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