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Leave Valentine’s Day Alone

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. It’s the greatest. I love to love. I think it’s awesome  that we have a day dedicated to practicing love. It just irritates me when people discount such an incredible and positive day because they’re cynical. Sure, stores sell merchandise to get our money, but that’s not a reason to ruin the entire day. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is a reason to love family, friends, and strangers without hesitation. That’s pretty cool.

If you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a must. You have to celebrate. How great is it that one whole day is dedicated to appreciating your significant other and showing your love? It’s the one day where you get to post nauseatingly adorable things on social media and brag about your love life and nobody can judge you for it. It doesn’t have to be filled with extravagant gifts and dates. It can be as simple as going to Qdoba and kissing in line to get free burritos (if you’re wondering what our plans are).

If you’re single, Valentine’s Day is perfect for you. It’s a day full of hopeless romantics who only wish that their day will be miraculously filled with love. Spreading love to strangers is one of the greatest feelings in the world. The joy you bring to other people with random acts of kindness is beyond infectious. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to spread some love around in a selfless manner without needing a reason. It’s a day when kind actions are appreciated without questioning motives.

If you’re the person who hates Valentine’s Day, well get over it. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to treat yourself. Instead of sitting around being angry at the world and making yourself miserable, love yourself and order a pizza with a side of flowers and ice cream. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about relationships, it’s also about yourself. Finding ways to practice kindness and love is a good alternative to sitting alone and judging happy people. Doesn’t the idea of spending a whole day choosing to be happy, seem a lot more enjoyable than getting wine drunk and crying about how unhappy you are?

I choose to love. Is it so outrageous of me, to hope that others choose the same? I support Valentine’s Day. I appreciate a day that’s dedicated to practicing love. I’m going to let everyone in my life know how much they mean to me. I’m going to hand out cheesy cards. I’m going to buy my cat a new pink dress. And if you choose to rain on my parade, then I hope you’re happy being unhappy and are content with shutting love out of your life. So let love lead, friends! Enjoy the day and help make the world a more loving place.


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