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Sorry, I’m Too Busy Enjoying My Own Life.

I’m a mess. I’m messy. My life is chaotic. And I’m not the only one. Humans spend their lives just trying to balance everything that’s going on and walking on the verge of mental breakdowns. Especially humans in their 20’s. We’re new adults. We’re just trying out our adult shoes. We have bills and jobs and pets and relationships and friends and never sleep at all. It’s fun. It’s truly a great time. I love my life. But, sometimes it’s overwhelming.

I’ve called my mom crying at four in the morning because of a a million things, but really because of nothing. I’m dramatic and stressed out for the majority of my existence. It’s not a bad thing, but I realize now that I need to focus on myself. I have bills and jobs and pets and a relationship and friends and I hardly ever sleep. That’s five things to focus on, and doesn’t even include the subcategories! I love it. I love my crazy life, but at times it gets to be too much. I consider myself to be a very organized person. I use my agenda and calendar religiously. But, being 22 is exhausting. It probably seems minuscule but, after an overwhelming day of balancing everything in 14 hours, the littlest thing can throw me into an emotional spiral that nobody needs to experience.

I’m not going to cut out my friends and my social life (not like I really even have either). It’s important to have fun. I’m still young and I want to experience everything. However, it’s also important to realize that I don’t need to carry the weight of drama that isn’t mine. I love my friends very much, and friends are supposed to help each other out. But allowing myself to get involved with problems and drama that aren’t mine, doesn’t do anything but add stress to my life. Learning to love your life is just so hard to accomplish when you have the burdens of other people resting on your shoulders. I don’t know about you, but I love my life and I want to enjoy it!

Finding the right balance of caring, yet staying unattached is something that takes time to master. You don’t want your friends to think that you don’t care, but as your friend they should also know that their issues will just add more to your plate than you already have. Being a compassionate listener and a good companion is necessary to maintain your friendships, but taking time for yourself should always come first.

Knowing when enough is enough is crucial. It’s alright to admit that you need some time for yourself. If you have like one million things going on in your brain and in your life already, taking on someone else’s drama isn’t going to help. Letting outside factors affect your life and your mental health is detrimental. If your friends don’t understand that you need some time and can’t take on their problems from time to time, that’s a different issue. But friends understand. Everyone gets overwhelmed. Everyone is busy. Everyone needs time. Your life is most important. Your health is most important. Your sanity is most important. Taking care of yourself isn’t something to feel guilty about.

Life is short. I have a lot of living left to do. I just don’t have time for unnecessary issues and extra drama in my life. I’ll be a great friend and a decent listener, but I need to focus on me. I need to focus on my life. And to be honest, I’d rather go see a movie and relax or treat myself to a manicure than dwell on issues that don’t really affect me. Maybe I’m the only one, but I can barely handle brushing my hair every morning! So, unless it’s a really big deal and you need me up to bat for you, I just don’t have the time. I’m busy living and enjoying my own life.

This may or may not have just been me rambling. This also may or may not explain why I don’t really have friends, but it’s good to know that taking time for yourself is alright! Enjoy your life. Don’t let others get you down!


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