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Messy Bun, Messy Life


I am part lion. I have a mane. My hair is uncontrollable and untamable. I have a lion’s mane. Sometimes I cut it, and it grows out quicker each time. It’s thick and tangled and takes hours to comb through. Naturally, I don’t actively style my hair every day. I can’t imagine how much of my life I would spend styling it for no purpose.

I’d love to have perfect waterfall hair like a Google Image, but I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I have pretty hair when I put in the effort. But, I much prefer a messy bun. Messy buns are my life. I live in them. They take two seconds, no maintenance, and they’re less damaging than styling tools.

Ladies, I read a study recently that like 74% of guys actually prefer the messy bun! Unfortunately, Grant isn’t one of those guys. Unfortunately for him, the “Ash Bun” is pretty much my trademark. My friends and family have seen me wear the “Ash Bun” for the majority of my existence, but I hardly ever have to have my hair done. And guess what else? I don’t feel bad about it. I embrace my messy bun. I enjoy the “Ash Bun.” It’s my thing.

Feeling like you need to look perfect for society is overrated. All of these YouTube videos and Instagram photos of beautiful women with perfect hair and makeup are really great, but they take like four hours to get ready! I do not have the time. I do not have the extra effort to spare. I’m proud of my natural face and my messy bun. Aside from the fact that my hair is messy, my life is messy. If I can’t even control my life half of the time, I’m not going to try to control my hair in the midst of it all. I’m way too busy loving my cat. If my job depended on it, sure I would look more presentable, but even then, there’s nothing wrong with wearing all of your hair on top of your head!

There really wasn’t a point to this, except to maybe stop trying so hard. It’s ok to not be perfect and to embrace that an extra hour of sleep is worth more to me than doing my hair every morning. And regardless of what other people think, I like my messy bun.



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