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11 Signs That You’re Actually Dating Your Cat…


I think that I’ve always been an animal person, but I never knew I was a cat person. Growing up, I didn’t have any pets. I remember saying that I was going to adopt a pet the first day that I moved out.

In college, I hid two pet hamsters in my dorm. They were cute, but they were super lame. They also didn’t live long.

I never knew that my life was missing something, but I found it out the day that I adopted Coral Waffles Hamilton. Sometimes people question whether or not Grant and I are actually dating, but they know that I am fully committed and in a happy relationship with my cat. Now, I really love Grant and my friends and family a whole lot, but loving your fur baby is just a completely different kind of relationship, and I am smitten. If this accurately describes you and your cat, you’re totally in a committed relationship and have found unconditional love:

1. You Wake Up To Kisses

I wake up every single morning to the sound of a sleepy purr, and sandpaper kisses. Coral gives me that initial “good morning” love and I can always count on her to greet the day with me. 


2. You Eat Together

Coral and I eat breakfast and dinner together every day. She munches on her kibble and I have my coffee. It’s the first thing we do every morning. After work, I feed her when I get home and make myself dinner. You know it’s real when you never have to eat alone.


3. It Pains You To Leave Without Her

Leaving my house is the worst. I look into Coral’s eyes and can just tell that she’s sad. I’m sad when I have to leave her,  but I assure her that I’ll be back very soon!


4. You Talk About Her At Least Once In Every Conversation

….. yeah, that’s great, but do you follow my Coral on Instagram?

Oh, I love Oreos too. Coral’s favorite food is waffles. 


5. You Miss Each Other While You’re Away

I just miss her, and I know she misses me. I can sense it. 


6. Coming Home Is A Reunion

I can always count on Coral to greet me and run to be held and kiss me as soon as I walk through the door! Seeing her excitement to have me home is so rewarding.


7. I Shop For Her Without Purpose

We may not even be in the area, but if we’re out of the house, we’re going to Petsmart. If we’re in Target, we’re going to the pet section. If I’m on the internet, I’m looking at cat toys. For some reason, I think that Coral needs a new outfit every day. I think that she wants a new bed. I know she wants more toys. I’ll go a year without buying myself new bras, but Coral NEEDS that dress. 


8. You Have Similar Mannerisms

If Coral is in pain, I’m in pain. If Coral is sad, I’m sad. If I had a bad day, Coral had a bad day. If I walk into a table and dramatically fall to the floor, Coral walks into refrigerator and dramatically falls to the floor. If I cry hysterically, Coral also cries hysterically. 


9. The Snuggles

We snuggle all night. The snuggles are endless. She just wants to be by me all the time, and it’s too cute to resist. 


10. You Like Her More Than Humans

My friends are great people. I like them a lot, but Netflix with Coral is the perfect night. Coral loves me for my sweatpants wearing, ice cream eating, anti-social self! Why would I want to go out?


11. You’ve Decided That No Cat Is Better

Coral is mine. She’s the best kitty in the world. She’s my best friend and no other cat is better. She is the cutest cat, she is the smartest cat and she is the best cat. The end.


I’ve fully embraced that I’m a crazy cat lady, but Coral is my spirit animal. I cannot imagine our life without her. She’s sweet and loyal and loving which is like, the perfect relationship. It’s ok to admit that you’re totally in a relationship with your cat. You’re not alone. And was this entire post actually just to brag about my cat and share pictures of her? I don’t know.

Make sure to follow Coral on Instagram!


Her puppy brother, Dude, also has an Instagram!




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