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Two Thousand Sweet Sixteen

2016 was a year. I’m not the person who makes resolutions. I always find myself breaking them and then feeling bad about it. I don’t like to feel bad, so instead I’ll eat all the ice cream I want and feel happy about it. So I guess I’ll begin…

January of 2016:

January of 2016 could probably be considered a seemingly perfect month. My family had just been in town for the holiday, Grant and I were living with my best friend, everything seemed to be going great! My grandparents came to visit. I spent hours with them playing cards, and they even came to Magic Kingdom. When it was time for me to go work, my grandma and Grant wanted to take a break but my grandpa insisted that he wait in the exact spot I had encouraged him to watch parade to make sure that he saw me perform. Work was fun for both of us. We worked long hours, but enjoyed our days. Everyone was in a pretty great pattern and looking back, life seemed so simple.

February of 2016:

February was a lot of fun. It was filled with love. Valentines Day is my favorite holiday, but the entire month was amazing. My hair was blonde. It wasn’t just a couple of highlights, I was a blonde. I became close with the Oates family and fell in love with Molly and her mother, Amanda. These ladies gave me joy and filled my work breaks with endless laughter and sanity. Molly quickly became my best girlfriend. I was best friends with a four-year old. Sometimes things just happen, I suppose. Amanda let me borrow her with I needed to play with a kid that I knew. I got to see the twins! Miss Katy from BLDC brought her family to Disney World! It was nice to see faces from home. Work kept Grant and I busy. I met Kylo Ren for the first time ever as Mattie: The Radar Technician. Grant got to see me in some new roles. Overall, February was filled with lots of love, fun memories and a ton of ice cream.

March of 2016:

March was pretty uneventful, yet charming. Our friend group, “The Fam” grew so close and we did everything together. We were those annoying people who had a massive group text message that sent screenshots and inside jokes that resulted in other members having 1,100 unread text messages after getting out of the shower. We went to a Spring Training game in Lakeland. I heard the nachos were phenomenal, but I stuck to a hot dog and ice-cold beer. I even went to the dentist and got hit on for my impeccable dental hygiene. My off time was either spent with Grant and Coral, or playing at Disney World. As far as March went, I can dig it. March can come again.

April of 2016:

We went on a cruise! Grant and I took our first vacation as a couple. It was nothing short of amazing. We took a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. Being disconnected from the rest of the world and living in the moment is something that I’m beyond passionate about, so it was incredible to be able to spend time like that with Grant. While on vacation, we’ve discovered our love for Key West. Kermit’s Key Lime Pie is to die for. The OG Margaritaville was everything that I have ever dreamed of. (I’m a diehard Parrothead, thanks to my dad). My sister came to visit. Jessica has my heart. She’s my baby sister and my very best friend. Growing up, it was us against the world. She came to stay with me for a whole week over  Spring Break! We had fun at the parks, the movies and just being normal. Normal includes eating pizza and ice cream, all day every day. Oh, and I found all of Coral’s toys under the couch!

May of 2016:

Molly danced in her first Hoedown Happening. Molly had always been afraid to come out and dance, but she did it! I flew to Michigan with the help of my sister and we surprised both of our parents! They had absolutely no idea. I got to see the dance recital, too! Spending time at home is always so refreshing. Coral turned 1! She had a birthday party with all of her closest friends. Oh, and we got a dog. His name is Dude. His previous owner named him Lil Lebowski, The Dude.

June of 2016:

I turned 22! I spent the day with Grant and our best friends at Artegon. I went through a weird obsession with flamingos. I ate a lot of sushi and ice cream in June. Grant got me a present just because he felt like it, and that was cute. My great-grandmother passed away, and that was hard. It was difficult being away from my family, from my dad. Molly and Amanda were preparing to move to Germany. Yes, Germany! So I was sad about that, too. I also changed my ringtone to that one Taylor Swift song about being 22.

July of 2016:

July was simple. I shaved my legs! I find it hard to keep up with shaving my legs, mostly because it requires a lot of effort. Grant’s not going anywhere, bless his soul, so shaving my legs isn’t my top priority. We spent many days at Artegon Marketplace, which quickly became my favorite place in Orlando. Oh, and my fur babies we’re very patriotic for their dad’s favorite holiday. Molly and Amanda moved across the world, so that sucked.

August of 2016:

August was colorful, to say the least! We decided to throw paint around a park and take photos. They turned out amazing and we had a ton of fun! Grant and I actually left the house to go to a friend’s birthday party. I can’t believe it. We’re such I was basically sick for the whole month of August and would spend endless nights throwing my guts up and in horrible pain for days on end. August was also dreadfully hot. The temperatures in Florida were record highs which made working pretty tough! Oh yeah, and I changed my hair back to brown!

September of 2016:

September sucked. It was okay, but it really sucked. I threw up almost every day and every night. My endometriosis had gotten so bad that it was impossible to function. I was in pain. I was tired. I was so sick. I’m still not sure how I learned a new show in the midst of it all. I finally took Grant to Michigan! We were traveling for a family reunion, which ended up being a different type of reunion. We flew in for a 50th anniversary of my grandparents. We lost my grandpa that week. It was the worst day of my life. My hero was gone. I had never felt such heartache in my entire life. I cried every day in September. But, I got through it. I had my family by my side. I had Grant by my side. I had my grandpa watching over me.

October of 2016:

It was basically Christmas. My obsession with the holiday is rather unhealthy, but I had coffee by my tree every morning. The apartment slowly became infested with more and more Christmas decorations. We spent some time with Grant’s family when they came to visit. Work was work. I went in and I came home, but there was a fun lunch break somewhere in between. Naturally, Grant and I were TY Beanie Babies for Halloween and it was a huge hit. I bought a cool new pair of corduroy burgundy overalls, too.

November of 2016:

November was great. We visited Colorado! It was my first time and we spent nearly a whole week there with Grant’s family. It was nothing short of amazing and much needed. I adore his family. Our fur babies were ready for Christmas. They wore different outfits every day. We got our first nauseatingly cute couple ornament. Work was nice because the weather was cooling off! I was still feeling sick, but after a doctor’s appointment, we found a semi-permanent treatment for me! So, the second half of November was pain free, puke free and much more tolerable. Grant and I spent the season in our Christmas sweater.

December or 2016:

It was Christmas! And I didn’t take any photos, which is weird. We surprised my entire family in Michigan for their family Christmas party. My grandma cried a lot, and we had the best time. There’s not place like home for the holidays, right? I saw real snow again, indulged in some ice skating and spent much needed time with my sister and parents. Grant came, of course, and loved his 3rd trip to Michigan. He handled the cold much better than I did. We hosted a Christmas party filled with tacky decorations, courtesy of Jerrad (our best friend). It was a white elephant party, and the gifts were terrible. They were horrible, but it was a whole lot of fun. We booked a cruise for 2017 with some of our good friends. I made Coral have a photo shoot with me, and Dude got a new bed.



I could go on and on about the changes that happened over a year, but that’s pretty boring.  It was another year and I find myself more open to be who I am. I choose to love. Finding love when times are hard is difficult, but it’s the only way out of the dark. There’s something to love in each day, so I’ve decided to let love lead my life and see where it’s beauty takes me!




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