Grantley: An Introduction.

I think I’m going to say “We” quite a few times in these blogs without any explanation. So here’s an explanation. “We” refers, 99% of the time, to myself and Grant. Grant is my boyfriend and my best friend.

What started out as an internship for the two best friends that were Ashley and Grant, quickly became the life of Grantley. We met in Orlando, but had chatted for a while as friends who met on a Facebook group for kids doing the internship. We instantly hit it off. Anyways, we became inseparable. We hung out every day, every night and every time we had. He was my very best friend. I didn’t have to wear make up around him. I didn’t have to have my hair done up. We had similar interests, including Jimmy Buffett!

I thought everything was going great. Then one night my phone rang with a text that said he had feelings for me that were more than friendship.


Every guy friend that I’ve ever had prior to Grant has ruined our friendships because they try to take things past friendships… and I hate that!


I was furious. I cried. Then I called my mom, who encouraged me to not push him away. So naturally, I told Grant that he had ruined everything and that I didn’t want to see him again…. because I’m an overly dramatic idiot, but can you really blame me?

But hey! Two years later and here we are. We life together, have two fur babies and love each other way too much! I hang out with him every day and never ever get tired or sick of him. So that’s pretty cool. Half of our friends and aquaintences don’t even think we’re really dating, but that’s why we work. We have a low maintenance relationship that was built off of comfort, trust and adventure.

If you want the description to #RelationshipGoals, that’s it. The person who you thought you’d never date, your best friend, some stranger you haven’t met yet… give them all a chance because you never know. And don’t go out searching for love, because that never works.


2 thoughts on “Grantley: An Introduction.

  1. Love this! This is all exactly how I feel about Ishobel ❤ we started hanging out everyday a week before her program ended, and everyday for 2 months until she came back to vist we talked to each other. Whether it be by text or by FaceTime, we always talked to each other. Then she came to visit for 10 days at the end of those 10 days we were together. She then had to leave for about 2 1/2 more months to finish school. We started our relationship long distance, I didn’t believe in long distance relationships before her. I wasn’t looking for love, she came to me outta left field and stole my heart. Just like you and Grant here we are 2 yrs later, living together and with a fur baby ❤ Sorry, I just felt that blog on a spiritual level.


    1. No problem! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think it’s so important to share your love with the world. I also think it’s important to know that love comes when you least expect it and to not reject it!


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